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Artículos de los Pentecostales de Iguala 3

Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ (ALJC) - Reynosa, Mexico

Embajadores Apostólicos - IAFCJ

ALJC - Apostolics in Action - Reynosa, Mexico

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - 4. Iglesi a de Tepic

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - CD Obregón

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - Distrito Mérida

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - Distrito Tijuana

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - Distrito la Paz

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - Jalisco, Guadalajara

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús - Mexicali, Baja California

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús La Palma - Navolato, Sinaloa

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús- La Paz, Baja California

Iglesia Apostólica de la Fé en Cristo Jesús - Distrito Ensenada

Iglesia Fiesta Pentecostal - Tijuana

Iglesia Pentecostal Príncipe de Paz - Nuevo León Mexico

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida de México - Xalapa, Veracruz

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida de México (UPCI) - Mérida, Yucatan

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida de Mexico (UPCI) - Mexico, D.F. Distrito

IPUI Centro Pentecostal - D.F. México

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida de México

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida de México - Toluca

Los Pentecostales del Valle de Iguala, México

Misión Juvenil de los Pentecostales del Valle de Iguala, México


United Pentecostal Church Caribbean Ministries (UPCI) - Caribbean

United Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - Caribbean Region


Grace Temple of the Word (PAW) - Portsmouth

Dominican Republic

Asamblea Apostolica de la Fe en Cristo Jesus, Inc. - Santa Domingo

Grand Cayman

All Nations United Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - George Town, Grand Cayman

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United Pentecostal Church of Trinidad (UPCI) - Tobago


James Hill - James Hill UPC, James Hill P.O., Clarendon - Astley Howell (Pastor)

May Pen - UPC of May Pen, P.O. Box 345, May Pen, Clarendon Tel. 902-2883 Robert Ellis (Pastor)

Rowe Town - Vision Tabernacle Mason River, Kellits P.O., Clarendon Tel. 943-0125 Linton McKay (Pastor)

Christiana - Christiana UPC, Main Street, Christiana P.O. Jamaica Hector Meikle

Free Town - FreeTown UPC, Porus P.O., Manchester Linton Lewellyn (Pastor)

Mandeville - First UPC of Mandeville, 21a Brumalia Road, Mandeville Tel. 962-3516 Karlos Reynolds (Pastor)

Porus - Porus UPC, Porus P.O., Manchester Linton Llewelyn (Pastor)

Bamboo - Full Truth Tabernacle, Bamboo P.O., St. Ann Denzie Brown (Pastor)

Beecher Town - Beecher Town UPC, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann  Eustace Clarke (Pastor)

Bethel Town - Bethel Town UPC, Salem P.O., St. Ann Vindell Fullerton (Pastor)

Claremont - Miracle Tabernacle, Claremont P.O., St. Ann John Smith (Pastor)

Discovery Bay - Discovery UPC, Discovery Bay P.O., St. Ann  Howard Francis (Pastor)

Friendship - Friendship UPC, Moneague P.O., St. Ann Ralph Flowers (Pastor)

Golden Grove - Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Golden Grove, Lydford P.O., St. Ann Tel. 973-1128 David Smith (Pastor)

Great Pond - Life Tabernacle, Box 56, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Tel. 974-7926 Eustace Clarke (Pastor)

Hinds Town - Harvest Tabernacle, Salisberry P.O., St. Ann Eustace Clarke (Pastor)

Hyattsfield - Mount Moriah UPC, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Mrs. M. Jones (Pastor)

Liberty Hill - Liberty Hill UPC, St. Ann's Bay P.O., St. Ann Lloyd Germaine (Pastor)

Lime Hall - Lime Hall UPC, Lime Hall P.O., St. Ann Jonathan Ward (Pastor)

New Ground - Gates of Praise Tabernacle Higgins Town P.A., St. Ann   Howard Francis (Pastor)

Ocho Rios - Bethel Tabernacle 29 James Avenue, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Tel: 759-4309 Norman J. Houslin (Pastor)

Orange Hill - Zion Tabernacle, Orange Hill P.A., St. Ann Joseph Lewis (Pastor)

Pimento Walk - Hope Chapel, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Tel: 974-2878 Magnus Dockery (Pastor)

Priory - Priory UPC Priory P.A. Jamaica  Rupert Sharpe (Pastor)

Salem - Salem UPC, Salem P.O., Runaway Bay, St. Ann Vindell Fullerton (Pastor)

St. Ann's Bay - Calvary Tabernacle 4½ Church Crescent, St. Ann's Bay Tel: 972-2375 David Gallimore (Pastor)

Steer Town - Steer Town UPC St. Ann's Bay P.O., St. Ann David Smith (Pastor)

Welcome - Mount Arcada Tabernacle, Welcome, Clydesdale P.A., St. Ann Ira Gabbidon (Pastor)

Walkers Wood - Walker's Wood UPC Walker's Wood Box 370, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Stanley Grant (Pastor)

Alleppo - Alleppo UPC Alleppo P.A., St. Mary Jamaica Zedekiah Mitchell

Annotto Bay - Annotto Bay UPC Annotto Bay P.O., St. Mary Tel: 995-3026 Neville Spence

Bonny Gate - Bonny Gate UPC Bonny Gate P.A., St. Mary Zedekiah Mitchell

Charles Town - Full Truth Tabernacle Charles Town P.A., St. Mary Everton Grant

Galina - Upper Room Tabernacle P.O. Box 379, Ocho Rios Tel: 974-5210 Linval Marsh

Gayle - UPC of Gayle Gayle P.O., St. Mary Jamaica Godfrey Lewis

Geddes Town - Geddes Town UPC Highgate P.O., St. Mary Zedekiah Mitchell

Highgate - First UPC of Highgate Highgate P.O., St. Mary Zedekiah Mitchell

Mango Valley - Mango Valley UPC Mango Valley P.A., St. Mary  Hugh Treasure (Pastor)

Nutfield - Nutfield UPC Nutfield P.O., St. Mary Zedekiah Mitchell  (Pastor)

Oracabessa - Heaven's Gate Chapel Oracabessa P.O., St. Mary Denzie Brown (Pastor)

Retreat - P.O. Box 418, Ocho Rios Jamaica N. J. Houslin (Pastor)

Brompton - Brompton UPC Spicy Hill P.O., Brompton, Trelawny  N. M. Jarret (Mrs.) (Pastor)

Granville - Bounty Hall UPC Granville P.O., Trelawny Michael Wint (Pastor)

Allman Hill - Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle, Allman Hill P.A., St. Andrew; Tel. 903-9254 Linval Simon (Pastor)

Bull Bay
- Victory Tabernacle, 7 Miles Bull Bay P.A., St. Andrew  Leonard Bird  (Pastor)

Burn Shop
- Burn Shop UPC Lawrence Tavern P.O.,  Ned Palmer (Pastor)

Fern Hill
- Faith Tabernacle, Fern Hill, Unity P.A., St. Andrew Ronald Smith (Pastor)

Golden Spring
- UPC of Golden Spring Golden Spring P.O., St. Andrew Vinelda Grey (Mrs.) (Pastor)

Grant Hill
- Wayside Tabernacle, Lawrence Tavern P.A., St. Andrew  Delroy Spencer (Pastor)

Industry Mount
- Industry Mount UPC, Industry Mount P.A., St. Andrew Robert McLean (Pastor)

Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) - Kingston 4

Greater Grace Temple Shiloh Apostolic Church - Vineyard Town, Kingston

Kingston (East) - Life Tabernacle, 61 Oliver Road, Kingston 2. Tel. 928-0269 Leroy Dawson (Pastor)

Kingston (West) -
Faith Chapel - 1 Renfield Avenue, Kingston 20. Tel. 925-2509 Stanford Grizzle (Pastor)

Kingston (North East) 
Gospel Refuge Tabernacle - 36 ½ Barbican Road,  Kingston 6 Tel. 977-7213
Milton D. Kelly (Pastor)

Kingston (North West) Abundant Life Tabernacle - 90b Red Hills Road Shop #7, St. Andrew Plaza Kingston 19 Tel. 905-4826 Fax 905-1313 Milton D. Kelly (Pastor)

Faith Pentecostal Gospel Temple - Kingston, St. Andrew, Border

Luna - Luna UPC, Border P.A., St. Andrew Keith Reynolds (Pastor)

Mount Ogle 
Full Truth Tabernacle - Lawrence Tavern P.O., St. Andrew Mervin McWilliams (Pastor)

Port Royal
- Lighthouse Tabernacle New Street, Port Royal, Kingston Leonard Bird (Pastor)

Red Hills
- Red Hills UPC Red Hills P.O., St. Andrew Stanford Grizzle (Pastor)

Toms River
- Tom's River UPC, Tom's River P.A., St. Andrew 
Errol Reid (Pastor)

August Town - August Town UPC, Glengoffe P.O., St. Catherine Linval Simon (Pastor)

- The Way Truth & Life Tabernacle, Benbow P.A., St. Catherine J. P. Davis (Pastor)

Berry Hill
- Berry Hill UPC, Berry Hill P.A., St. Catherine Phillip Williams (Pastor)

Bog Walk
- Bog Walk UPC, Bog Walk P.O., St. Catherine W.B.  Brent-Harris (Pastor)

Brown's Hall
- Brown's Hall UPC, Brown's Hall P.A. St. Catherine  Harold Williams (Pastor)

Kitson Town
- Kitson Town UPC, Kitson Town P.O., St. Catherine  Albert Thomas (Pastor)

- Glengoffe UPC, Glengoffe P.O., St. Catherine       Keith Reynolds (Pastor)

- Linstead UPC, Linstead P.O., St. Catherine Eric Taylor (Pastor)

- Truth Tabernacle, Cumberland, Gregory Park P.A., St. Catherine Tel. 998-6024 Windell Rankine (Pastor)

Old Harbour
- Grace Tabernacle, Sharper Lane, Church Pen, Old Harbour P.O., St. Catherine Tel. 983-0349 Phillip Williams (Pastor)

Spanish Town
- New Life Worship Centre, 2A Port Henderson Road, Spanish Town P.O., St. Catherine Tel. 943-9286 Andrew Steele (Pastor)

- Little Bethlehem UPC, Watermount P.A., St. Catherine
David Brown (Pastor)

Bath - Bath UPC, Bath P.O., St. Thomas Jamaica  Norman McHugh (Pastor)

Cedar Valley - Cedar Valley P.O., St. Thomas Jamaica  Norman McHugh (Pastor)

Middleton Road
- Middleton Road UPC, Soho P.A., St. Thomas  Reginald Matthews (Pastor)

Morant Bay
- Christ Chapel UPC, Morant Bay P.O., St. Thomas Norman McHugh (Pastor)

Port Morant
- Port Morant UPC, Port Morant P.A. St. Thomas Norman McHugh (Pastor)

- Seaforth UPC, Seaforth P.O., St. Thomas Reginald Matthews (Pastor)

- Trinityville UPC, Trinityville P.A. St. Thomas        Moreland Thomas (Pastor)

- First UPC of Whitehall, Whitehall P.O., St. Thomas  Norman McHugh (Pastor)

- Yallahs UPC, Yallahs P.O., St. Thomas Lenroy Smith (Pastor)

Buff Bay - Buff Bay UPC, Buff Bay P.O., Portland  Walford Bennett (Pastor)

Port Antonio
- Life Tabernacle, 36 Sommers Town Road, Port Antonio Tel. 993-2840
Barbara Brissett (Mrs.) (Pastor)

Thompson Town - Thompson Town UPC Warsop P.O., Trelawny   Leslie Allen (Pastor)

Ulster Spring - Christ Tabernacle Ulster Spring P.O., Trelawny Frank Kellier (Pastor)

Wait-A-Bit - Christ Temple Wait-A-Bit P.O., Trelawny Stanley
Watson (Pastor)

Warsop - Warsop UPC Warsop P.O., Trelawny Jamaica

Wilson Run
- Heaven Way Tabernacle Warsop P.O., Trelawny Leslie Allen (Pastor)

Copse - Copse UPC Copse P.A., Hanover Douglas DaCosta (Pastor)

Lucea - First UPC of Lucea Millers Drive, Box 143, Lucea P.O., Hanover Allan R. Taylor (Pastor)

Hopewell - Hopewell UPC Hopewell P.O., Hanover Errol Hinds (Pastor)

Albion - Kings Chapel Albion Road, P.O. Box 417, Montego Bay, St. James Tel: 952-1248 Fax 940-5141 Imorette Palmer (Mrs.)

Catherine Mount - Praise Chapel Montego Bay P.O., St. James  Kenroy Salter (Pastor)

Shiloh Apostolic Church of Ja. inc. (Holiness Temple) - St. Catherine

Bottom Pen - One Way Tabernacle Bottom Pen, P.O. Box 1421,
Montego Bay, St. James Tel. 979-6783 Aubrey Lewis (Pastor)

Lilliput - Missions Tabernacle Lilliput P.A. St. James Paul Orie (Pastor)

Mt. Carey - Mt. Carey UPC Mt. Carey, Main Road - 53 Market Street, Montego Bay, St. James Dalton Smith (Pastor)

Pitfour - Kingsway Tabernacle Pitfour, Box 20, - Granville, St. James Ambrose B. Hind (Pastor)

Providence - Providence Chapel UPC Providence Gardens, Box 1091, Montego Bay, St. James Purcell Pusey (Pastor)

Exeter - Exeter UPC Exeter, Main Road, Lamb's River P.O., Westmoreland David O'Connor (Pastor)

Lamb's River - Lamb's River UPC Lamb's River P.O., Westmoreland Melvin Collins (Pastor)

McField - Apostles and Prophets Doctrine UPC McField, Ramble P.O., Westmoreland Kevin Gordon  (Pastor)

Negril - Negril U.P.C. Negril P.O., Westmoreland
Tel. 640-0437 Lascelles Gordon (Pastor)

Ramsay Corner - Straight Gate UPC Ramsay Corner P.A., Westmoreland Tel. 952-6177 Daphne Smith (Mrs.) (Pastor)

Arlington - Slipe UPC Arlington P.A., St. Elizabeth Cllifton Brown (Pastor)

Black River - Black River UPC Main Road, Box 43, Black River, St. Elizabeth T. Archer (Pastor)

Hill Top - Hill Top UPC Parrottee P.A., St, Elizabeth Veretta Davis (Mrs.)

Stanmore - Stanmore UPC Stanmore District, Malvern P.O. St. Elizabeth Tel. 966-5041 Roy Mills (Pastor)

Vineyard - Vineyard UPC Vineyard District, Box 111, Black River P.O., St. Elizabeth

Solomon Islands

Gordon, Allan and Jean UPCI - Solomon Islands

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